A possessed sorceress and murderer


Covertly: d6
Directly: d6
For Myself: d12
For Others: d4
With Love: d8
With Violence: d10


Spell Casting
With the flick of her wrist and a few well-spoken words, Sorme can bring even the strongest man to his knees. With her magic she can manipulate nearly anything around her of lesser power. This includes animate and inanimate objects. She can fling blades just as easily as she convince a dog to attack its master.
FormsWith Violence/Action
Significance: 1 – Potent


I want to seduce/force Behruz to love me
Help Asariel find his trinket, until I can claim it later.


For years, Sorme had coveted the heart of Behruz. From the shadows she had watched, had wanted, until one day the voices in her head made a fantastic point. There was no reason she couldn’t have him. It had seemed a terrible idea at first, the murder of that pretty little Aurya, but the more the sorceress dwelled on it, the less terrible it seemed. Much to her surprise, the act of putting a knife through Aurya hadn’t been difficult at all. But now the voices were laughing at her, and Sorme couldn’t understand why? Not that it mattered; she had only to win the affections of her prize now.


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