A robber merchant seeking the murderer of her mother


Covertly: d12
Directly: d4
For Myself: d6
For Others: d10
With Love: d8
With Violence: d6


Devotion of the People
Nahra runs her organization with an iron yet compassionate fist. Any time she is physically threatened, she can rally nearby acquaintances to her aid, sometimes even sacrificing their lives for her.
Forms: With Violence/Self-protection
Significance: 1 – Consequential: (Using this strength threatens With Love/Maneuvering)


I want to track down and destroy anybody who has ever stolen from me.
I want to acquire the old mansion on the edge of the town for new headquarters.


Long ago, when Nahra turned 16, her mother gave her a silver necklace, and on it, a large opal that seemed magnificent and lovely. Her mother warned her to keep it safe, and in return, the opal will do the same for her. A few days later, her mother was murdered, and Nahra’s opal necklace was the only object missing from her trinket box. She has been in search of her mother’s murderer ever since. Through careful planning and guile, she has created an organization that specializes in obtaining valuable artifacts, in hopes of finding the murderer or his employer.


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