A petty thief, out for revenge after the murder of his wife


Covertly: d12
Directly: d6 d4
For Myself: d10
For Others: d4
With Love: d8
With Violence: d6 d4


Master Pickpocket
Behruz has immense dexterity and a light touch. If he is able to get close to someone, he can manipulate their belongings or garments without their knowledge: he can remove small items or place them on someone’s person, tie or untie laces or fastenings, and so on. He uses this both for theft and for distraction – more than one merchant who began to become suspicious of Behruz while he was at work suddenly found themselves occupied by trousers that were falling down or a sleeve that had somehow become snagged on their dagger-sheath.
Forms: For myself / Maneuvering
Significance: 1 – Consequential (Using this threatens With Violence / Action)


I want to punish everyone responsible for Aurya’s death.
I want to acquire enough in one fell swoop to give up bring a criminal, as Aurya would have wanted.


Behruz is a common thief, a pickpocket and con artist who wins his living through simple scams and skillful hands. He is able to fool nearly anyone for a few moments, which is as long as most of his plans require to pick a pocket or palm a jewel. Aurya was one of the few who saw through him right away, but she saw something nobler under the layers of deceit – and in marrying her, he found it in himself. Her murder has driven him to the brink of madness: fury at her killer and despair at losing touch with the best part of himself have fueled an obsession with revenge.

Subtlety has always been his specialty. While all his actions as of the current moment are driven to some degree by the love of Aurya, that love has been twisted by her death. Love overrode his natural self-centeredness while she lived, but his own grief is more important to him than anyone or anything else now. Acting directly or in the interest of others has never been his preference, and violence is fairly foreign to him.


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