Chapter One

Chapter One

Oracle: A Nest of Vipers

A young widower, raging, whose beautiful wife was murdered by sorcery by a romantic rival.

A fallen-in mansion, where by night ghosts and devils meet.

The burglary of the storehouse of a powerful robber-merchant.

A conjurer possessed by spirits of uncivil character.

Player Characters

Am-barukh Asariel
I wish to consolidate my holdings in Hell by corrupting Earthly vessels.
To regain possession of a trinket he had lost.

I want to punish everyone responsible for Aurya’s death.
I want to acquire enough in one fell swoop to give up bring a criminal, as Aurya would have wanted.

I want to track down and destroy anybody who has ever stolen from me.
I want to acquire the old mansion on the edge of the town for new headquarters.

I want to seduce/force Behruz to love me
Help Asariel find his trinket, until I can claim it later.


I must prevent Behruz from damning himself in his quest for revenge
I was taken too soon, with too much unsaid. I want to live again. No matter the cost.

I want to replace Nahra as the head of the organization
I must prevent Nahra from discovering that I hired Behruz

I want to find a new host, one with greater ambition.
I want to disrupt the plans of Am-barukh Asariel however I can, payback for slight that happened thousands of years ago.


Behruz’s house
Behruz’s and Aurya’s abode, in the poor section of town
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Nahra’s storehouse
Where all the valuable goods are kept.

Baryamin house
Old house on the hill where Dariush and Behruz have arranged to do a drop. Nahra has had her eye on this mansion as possible new headquarters. It is apparently haunted.
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Chapter One

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